NA League of legends account

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Fresh new League of legends acount (level 30), ideal for smurfing

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These accounts are perfect for anyone who wants to practice new champs in a different account or for those who just want to smurf and prove themselves in ranked games. You will receive the blue essence gained from leveling up as well as the capsules gained from getting to level 30. Inside these capsules, you can gain a mix of additional blue essence and champion shards!! With champion shards, you have 2 possibilities, you can either exchange them for blue essences or you can get the champion cheaper than you would in the league of legends store!! The accounts have a lifetime warranty

  • BE: More than 60000
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty
  • Email: Unverified
  1. Name: Random Summoner name
  2. Delivery: Instant delivery
  3. Others: Capsules
DeliveryAs soon as you complete the transaction you will be redirect to a page that will contain your new account. In addition, we will send you an email with all the account information

Here are more great reasons to buy from us:

  1. If your first account gets banned by a reasonable reason like, suspect of sharing account,buyed account detection, botting etc, we will give you another account completly for free
  2. We will give you the best support you can have
  3. We have been selling League of legends lvl 30 accounts for more than 5 years


Lifetime warranty

Many payment gatways

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